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Our Subway Line Project was an entire house flip. There was no room left untouched. The house was built in 1918 and every room was in need of a major update; and not just cosmetic... our team knew once we started opening up the walls there was going to be some hurdles. We weren't sure how things were wired or plumbed, and there wasn't even HVAC brought up to the second level! Once we saw what we were really getting into (asbestos & lath and plaster behind the panel board) we decided this century home needed to be taken back to the studs everywhere and completely re-built. 

Once everything was taken back and we were just left with the shell of the house, it was the perfect time for Cedar Lane Designs to work their magic and give the home a better layout that would be more modern and make use of wasted spaces.

Our Construction team reframed the new layout and levelled out all the floors before we went any further. From there, we were able to start rebuilding and give a new life to the space.


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