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This Room is part of our La Salette Project (Coming Soon), a full house renovation. Our Cedar Lane Construction team took everything out of the room... including the ugly yellow/orange stained carpet, only leaving the drywall - it was one of the only rooms in the house that had previous updates with insulation and newer drywall. Once we had our blank slate it was easier to envision the nursery and which direction to take.

We started by grounding the space and installing the rich brown flooring used in rest of the house; added new windows, interior doors and trim to modernize the space and gave the room a fresh coat of paint.


The homeowners already had a crib and dresser they wanted to incorporate into the space, and knew they wanted a a jungle theme that could either grow with the child or could easily be transformed with new accessories in a few years; from there we started building ideas and furniture layouts. Pulling some headshots from our animal print collection and framing them in a fun textured frame. We added our Silk Route Rug to add coziness to the room and lots of playful textures through the custom Harper Swivel Chair and the drapery. We choose to keep everything fairly neutral and calming with more of a sophisticated feel.


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